I am now scheduling all of my clients who pre-paid during covid specials! December is already fully booked... please reach out to me about getting on my calendar. It must be a collaborative effort to redeem your time with me. I will not chase you down at this point. You know how to contact me and that appointments must be scheduled in advance.

*You only have until the end of 2021 to take advantage of my pre-payment promotions. Please e-mail me if you are interested in these special discounts. 



I am fully vaccinated and willing to start seeing clients again! Last minute appointment requests are almost always out of the question. 24-48hrs notice is a must.



1 hr:$800

90 minutes: $1200

2 hours: $1500

3: $2k

8-12 hrs: 5k

24 hrs: 6K

Weekend Getaway: $7500

Fly me to you available at 3+ hours with airfare/travel & pet-sitting costs fully covered as well.

Incall Rates:  

1 hour- $650

90 minutes-$800

2 hrs- $1100k

3 hrs- $1600k

4 hours- $2100

*anything past 4 hours must include dinner/outdoor activity and must be scheduled as an outcall. If you can't get a hotel room you need to be able to compensate me for a hotel room.