During The Shelter Down that is taking place in the Bay Area I am offering the following Promotions...

Prepay for your session now and get Extra time with me for free when the lockdown/ health pandemic is over! 

1 hour=90 minutes 

2 hours=3 hours

3 hours = 4 hours

4 Hours=  6 hours 

6 hours= overnight (8-10 hrs w/sleep) 

10 hours= Day/overnight (16-18 Hours) 



The hourly rate I am offering  is $450

So for $450 you get 90 minutes,

 $900 3 hours, 

$1350= 4 hours 

$1800= 6 hours 

$2250= overnight 



Anything 6 hours & past is open to travel arrangements 


Anything over 3 hours must include a social outing or breaks in between to watch a movie, go eat, snuggle, Chat, ext (the ideas/possible are endless)

Rates with no discounts or promotions running:

Please place your donation discreetly in an envelope in the restroom upon arrival.

Incall Rates

Hour $650

90 minutes- $1000

2 hours- $1,200

Outcall appointments in the Bay Area

Add $150 to each session for consideration of my time while traveling to you.

Hour $900

90 min $1200

2 hours $1500

3 hours $2200

*Fly me to you Rates start at $2500 for 3 hours of fun plus airfare.

Overnight (8-12 hours): $4,500-$6k

*Must include all travel/pet sitter expenses in addition to my donation, dining, beauty rest, & breakfast before I leave. 

*Inquire about more exclusive monthly arrangements to enjoy my undivided attention on a regular basis!

 *Additional Donations vary depending on the nature of "special requests". Please be sure to prepare me for any requests such as greek lessons, filming, or S&M with a friendly e-mail and be mindful of the language used when expressing your interests. Each Add on is an extra $150.