Covid19 Announcement & Promos 


As the summer surge in corona virus cases continues to remain in full swing, I will be running my pre-payment promos through September At least. 


Doing so will allow me to see my clients who pre-paid in phases. This will keep all of us much safer. Please continue to social distance and wear your mask in public. 


I strongly urge you to take advantage of these discounted rates while they last! Also, it’s the only way to see me right now until further notice.


1 hour=90 minutes 

2 hours=3 hours

3 hours = 4 hours

4 Hours=  6 hours 

6 hours= overnight (8-10 hrs w/sleep) 

10 hours= Day/overnight (16-18 Hours) 



The hourly rate I am offering  is $450

So for $450 you get 90 minutes,

 $900 3 hours, 

$1350= 4 hours 

$1800= 6 hours 

$2250= overnight 


$5k= Weekend Getaway (48 hours plus travel time)


Anything 6 hours & past is open to travel arrangements 


Anything over 3 hours must include a social outing or breaks in between to watch a movie, go eat, snuggle, Chat, ext (the ideas/possible are endless)