Covid19 Announcement & Promos 


I’ve decided it is extremely irresponsible to see Clients at this time. Even healthy people with no symptoms can spread covid19. 

I’m offering HUGE savings if you pre-pay for sessions upfront.Although I have no savings to fall back on I cannot let fear persuade me to make unsafe choices for myself and others. I’m choosing to See the Silver lining in this situation !! 😇 


Please be mindful that 6 counties are in a mandatory shutdown and it is against guidelines/government orders to go out unless you have an essential reason to. Although we may long to play together, it is very unwise at this time. We are to be practicing Social Distancing to protect ourselves & others. We must take care of each other during these difficult times.


During The Shelter Down that is taking place in the Bay Area I am offering the following Promotions...

Prepay for your session now and get Extra time with me for free when the lockdown/ health pandemic is over! 


1 hour=90 minutes 

2 hours=3 hours

3 hours = 4 hours

4 Hours=  6 hours 

6 hours= overnight (8-10 hrs w/sleep) 

10 hours= Day/overnight (16-18 Hours) 



The hourly rate I am offering  is $450

So for $450 you get 90 minutes,

 $900 3 hours, 

$1350= 4 hours 

$1800= 6 hours 

$2250= overnight 



Anything 6 hours & past is open to travel arrangements 


Anything over 3 hours must include a social outing or breaks in between to watch a movie, go eat, snuggle, Chat, ext (the ideas/possible are endless)